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Priceless conversation (Why some people will never “get ahead”)

Posted by buybackyourlife on January 27, 2009

This is my attempt to make a positive out of a negative.  It is an excerpt of my first ever Facebook chat of any length.  It was with a total stranger (to me).  The point of the post is to illustrate the extreme reactionary attitude some people have toward the profit-motive, and the ignorance that blinds them to opportunities for success.  These types of folks think that making more money than someone else is evil and financial struggle is noble (an attitude that is at the core of many of history’s most massive social-policy failures).

To set this up, I was updating my Facebook page one day and the chat window popped up down at the bottom.  Someone named “Ms. Mama” was there wanting to have a chat.  Bear in mind, I have never met or even talked to this person, and had made no attempt to contact her in any way, shape, or form.  I’m truly not even sure how she found me or became my Facebook friend.  But apparently she knew me.

I’ll pick up the chat after the initial pleasantries where she pretended to be a little bit interested in what Laura and I did (I say pretended because apparently she already thought she new what we did and had “researched” it thoroughly).

2:39pm Ms.Mama

i will be informing facebook of what you are doing your company [CarbonCopyPRO, for those who don’t know] is a fu… scam!! why should people have to f–king pay sorry for the french why should people have to pay people are looking for work to make money and survive if it’s such a great company,give it for free!! goodbye

your company is a big bleddy scam and i will be removing you from my facebook how do you people sleep at night

2:39pm Me

Is McDonald’s a scam? There is a half-million dollar franchise fee to buy one of those. There are costs associated with the administration of any business and the people involved in the business support those costs. I am a CarbonCopyPRO business owner and I pay a monthly fee to support the call center and IT infrastructure that makes my business possible. I am thankful for those things and the money that gets spent on them.

Is the postal service a scam? They make you buy a stamp before they’ll deliver your mail. Maybe it’s because it takes gas to drive the postal trucks…

If you don’t want to participate than don’t but why make life difficult for other people?

2:40pm Ms.Mama

because you are ripping people off why the f–k should people have to send excuse my french f–king money

2:40pm Me

If you want your French excused quit speaking it.

2:41pm Ms.Mama

when people are looking for a f–king job to make money to support family
2:42pm Jeff

You are insane. Please defriend me immediately and carry on your merry way.
2:43pm Ms.Mama

that company you have is insane it is like a pyramid scheme why don’t you guys let people join for free scammers
2:44pm Jeff

Thank you for your ill-informed opinion. If you would like to have an open-minded conversation that doesn’t presuppose that “we are a scam” I am happy to. Other wise you are wasting both of our time.
2:46pm Ms.Mama

well then what the hell do you call it i checked out the g-ddamn company why the hell should people pay when they are looking for work to make money to support their family where are your morals to be proud of a company like that
2:47pm Jeff

I’m not asking anyone to pay for anything they don’t want to. Taco Bell doesn’t sell franchises to people that are “looking for work”.  It sells franchises to people that have money to invest in a franchise. We are no different.
2:48pm Ms.Mama

then why don’t you give it to me for nothing if it is not a scam!!!!!!

2:48pm Jeff

Why does not giving it to you for free indicate that it is a scam?  If anything it is the opposite.  I sell a product for a given value because informed people in a fair market perceive a value in the product.  Try going into Jiffy Lube and screaming “If your oil changes are legitimate then I want one for free!!!”

On a relative basis the return this investment offers is much higher with much less upfront cost than other business ownership opportunities.  But that does not in anyway imply that it should be free.
2:49pm Ms.Mama

Again, then why don’t you give it to me for nothing if it is not a scam!!!!!!

2:50pm Jeff

Copying and pasting your previous content.  Interesting way to converse…

Regardless, It is not free because there are costs associated with presenting the business to you.

And because it weeds out the people who are not serious.

We offer money-back to anyone that doesn’t want to participate after they go through the application.

What is your point here?

Is your business to unleash vengeful assaults on people you perceive as scammers on Facebook?

If you really have that kind of time you might do well to research the business a bit more.

Go to and search CarbonCopyPRO.

There are no complaints pending or archived.

2:51pm Ms.Mama

screw you guys you are so wacked you couldn’t even answer my question first go to hell i’m removing you you know it’s a scam where’s the proof that you have given money back you just got busted allready have

now you are harassing me
2:52pm Jeff

Thank you this has been a priceless exchange. Fortunately internet chat is not copy-protected.

I am going to post it on my blog as a lesson for all.


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10 Reasons To “Work From Home” (as if you needed us to tell you this…)

Posted by buybackyourlife on January 20, 2009

In case you are struggling with the decision to work from home or are nervous about committing here are 10 things to consider:

1) Be there for your family.  This is the number one reason people give for starting a business.  Whatever day it is it’s the only one of that day you’ll ever get.  So spend it close to the people you love!

2) Create wealth for yourself, not your boss.  By definition your employer makes more off your work than you are worth.  That is called profit.  If this does not describe your current work situation then you are probably about to be fired anyway.

work from home in your pajamas

3) Choose your own hours.  Work when it makes sense to work and there is actually work to be done, not just because of what a clock says.  Imagine a job where you can go in, knock out your workload, and leave!  How many hours do you spend at your job trying to look busy or deliberately dragging out projects so you won’t get bored in the downtime?  What a ridiculous way to live but try telling your boss that you’re done with all your work so you’d like to take a half day…

4) Your earnings are exactly that – money that you earn, not just money you were promised a while ago.  When you write your own paychecks you can earn yourself a raise.  Imagine saying “I feel like a raise next week” and then making it happen.

5) Tax Benefits.  These are real and not emphasized often enough.  My wife and I were able to deduct over 50% of our gross income last year with legitimate expenses yet our quality of life went up over the year previous.  You’ll svae thousands in income taxes when you know what you can deduct as business expenses and you are properly incorporated. Check with your accountant!

6) No Commute. Actually, you might have a commute – from your bedroom to your home office (which may even be in your bedroom!). The average working American wastes almost 10% of their week getting to and from work. That’s a lot of time.  Imagine getting a 2 hour lunch break – you could work out every day AND learn a foreign language in that amount of extra time.

7) You pick where you live and why! You no longer have to worry about living close to work. In the city, out in the ‘burbs, in the mountains, on a boat, whatever… you decide.  As long as you have an internet and a smartphone you’re golden!  Oh yeah, and make sure to take your dog to work every day…

Work from home

8) Eliminate your overhead; another way life gets cheaper when you work from home.  Aside from being able to tax deduct a portion of your rent or mortgage payment you will also save by not having to rent and furnish an office space.  Have you seen how much office furniture costs?  It’s like when they attach the word office to the word furniture suddenly everything is platinum-plated.  Let the rich corporate bigwigs blow their budgets on the “Rockefeller Collection” with the 400 lb oak desk.

9) Vacation days whenever you need them!  Sick?  Take a day off.  Not sick but want to fake it?  Take a day off?  Just don’t abuse this one…

10) You no longer have to waste time or emotional resources hating your boss or your employer.  This one can be taken as a joke or as a very serious matter.  I encourage you to consider it in both regards (your boss is seriously a joke ;-).  Seriously though, negativity drains our resources, lowers the quality and quantity of our work, and frankly makes other people want to be around us a lot less.  Even if you think of yourself as comedically sarcastic those water cooler gripe-sessions are probably wearing somebody else out.  You’ll be the best boss you could ever hope for because you know exactly what to say and do to motivate your #1 employee.

As someone who currently works from home and formerly did the office gig I could probably come up with 50 more of these.  It is a total life-changing overhaul to get organized, get strategic, and get to work, all without leaving the house.  If you want to learn more about what I do to work from home check out my wife’s and my personal CarbonCopyPRO site at

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A Eulogy for “Multi-Level Marketing” (MLM)

Posted by buybackyourlife on January 19, 2009

Now of course I have to lead off with a standard disclaimer.  One could argue that my involvement with CarbonCopyPRO makes me a biased observer of the various home-based business models.  Myself I would argue that being a successful home-based business owner makes me a very keen observer of the various models.  Whatever the case I do hereby disclaim that I own a web-based direct sales business that is not multi-level marketing.

On a daily basis I am asked either to explain the difference between direct sales and MLM or more generally what do I “think” about MLM.  Well, the short and slightly sarcastic answer is that I try not to think of MLM at all.  But if I did, here are some thoughts I might have…

Multi-level marketing is a dated business model that has officially unraveled thanks to the internet.  There are myriad resources on the internet that explain how the internet has killed MLM but in a nutshell here it is.

Wikipedia defines multi-level marketing as “a business-distribution model that allows a parent company to market its products directly to consumers by means of relationship referrals and direct selling”.  The key part of this definition is “relationship referrals”.  MLM-ers are encouraged if not required to refer (sign up) their friends and family to become sales reps as well.

Most MLM compensation plans are heavily weighted towards the rewarding of recruitment efforts, rather than the selling of products.  In order to not be labeled an illegal “Pyramid scheme” MLMs do have to sell a product, and most of them do.  But the products tend to be lower priced items that generate small commissions that are then divided into many smaller pieces and distributed “up the line” of referrors.

MLM models rarely generate significant returns for anyone not highly placed in the pyramid for two reasons.  First, the individual commissions are not substantial and they are further eroded by being divided across multiple levels (hence the name “multi-level”).  Second, MLM tends to create lazy business people.  The idea that one can be paid off of thousands of other peoples’ work means that most people in an MLM organization are expecting other people to generate the money.  But everyone else is thinking the same thing so your organization is flooded with “do-nothings”.

Now of course there are people who have been successful with MLM, and not always just the ones who “got in early”.  But the numbers of people who are succeeding within MLM has dropped off sharply in the last ten years.  Why?  Simple.  The internet (which by the way is the same factor that causes CarbonCopyPRO to be so successful.)  As mentioned, MLM compensation plans tend to be heavily centered around recruitment (and the offshoot of recruitment, retention).  And this is where things have gotten quite a bit tougher since the internet.

In the “good old days” of MLM a sales rep would invite an associate to a meeting, usually at someone’s home, where they would get to experience the camraderie and enthusiasm that supposedly all practitioners of X business enjoyed.  They would be regaled with stories of profit and freedom and probably have little reason to doubt the sincerity of most of the people involved.  Ultimately before the internet the only people that could vouch for an MLM business are the people involved in it so who was to say that it wasn’t what everyone said it was.  The idea that they were all saying how great it was because they were absolutely dependent on you and people like you to keep signing up probably seemed a little harsh, so we just took them at their work.

That was then…

Now what’s the first thing you do when approached with a new business idea (or the first thing others do when you approach them)?  We Google it, right?  It’s called crowd-sourcing.  The internet allows us to instantly find an amalgam of other peoples’ opinions on just about anything.  It’s the reason I never call a tech-support line anymore and it’s also the reason I’m much less likely to get scammed.  There are no secrets!  The Wizard of Oz would have had a tough time in the 21st century for sure.

So that same scenario plays out a little differently now.  You come home, fire up the desktop, and search the name of whatever business you were just solicited by.  And here the entire MLM model breaks down.  MLM by definition creates a majority of disappointed people.  This is a fact supported by any rudimentary mathematical analysis of the cash flows.  Now all these disappoointed people weren’t at that meeting you went to but they are sure as heck on the internet.  And they’re pissed…

Suddenly any interest you may have had in joining is dashed by the hundreds of people on the web claiming to have gotten burned or ripped off or overpromised to.  And then another factor kicks in…

Negative press is a great sales tool.  This is why Search Engine Marketing was so controversial in the early days, people and companies could literally buy access to people who were looking for their direct competitors.  It was like a Circuit City (RIP) employee hanging out in front of Best Buy with a car running and some coupons.  Well whatever the ethics of it marketers loved it (and still do).  And what better way to lure that prospective customer of your competition than with supposedly unbiased reviews about your competitor that just so happens to paint them in a negative light.  This is what the internet did to multi-level marketing.

A Google search for just about any multi-level marketing company will bring up hundreds of disgruntled people.  Better than half of those are probably people who are trying to sell you an alternative MLM opportunity.  And unlike when you buy a toaster oven or a car there is no Consumer Reports Magazine where you can go get a real review.  Left to yourself it is almost impossible to decipher the facts from the fiction.  So most people just don’t get involved in MLM and those that do are so bombarded with competing “better deals” that they often defect in only a few months.

And that’s what happened to MLM.

For a table that briefly illustrates the difference between MLM and direct sales visit our personal site FAQ page.

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The Most Important Piece of Advice You’ll EVER Get – Boot Camp (Day 1)

Posted by buybackyourlife on January 10, 2009

So you want to fire your boss? You want to make a fortune from home, spend more time with your kids, and retire in style? Have millions invested – your money working for you? Live a life of luxury and leave a Legacy?

Who doesn’t?

Well I have some GOOD news and some BAD news for you…

The BAD news is that it’s not as easy as it sounds to setup and build a successful online business with a strong passive income.

Have you considered the following?

•How do you generate leads?

•Do you use offline or online advertising?

•How to you “effectively” follow-up with your prospects?

•How do you know if there’s actually a market for your product?

•How large should your marketing budget be if you want to make $50,000/mo or more?

•How do you make ads FTC compliant so that you stay of out hot water with the Gov?

•How do you leverage your time with a personal assistant? Where do you find one?

•What should you do with the money you make so you don’t blow it all like most people do?

•How do you train your team so that it duplicates your success?

How do you leverage your time and resources so you’re not working 70 hours a week?

There’s a lot to it, but the good news is that my partners and I are here to help you, and we’re some of the best of the best in the world when it comes to this type of business.

If you’ve ever pursed a home business before, then this information is going to feel like a completely honest, open, and revealing breath of fresh-air when compared to the garbage you’ve received in the past.

I’ll go as far as saying that you’re going to find the next 7 days unforgettable.

Today is your little introduction. Before we get into the good stuff in the coming days, I want to just share a little dose of reality with you to kind of set the frame for the future lessons to come.

You’ll find that for better or worse, nothing will be held back. I’m going to walk you through our marketing process. I’m going to show you how we develop our leads. I’m going to let you see our websites and explain their purposes.

I’m going to show you how to build a pipeline of prospects, and then how to market to them “correctly” using automated tools, and then finally, I’m going to show you how to leverage personal assistants that will cut your “work” load to just an hour or two per day.

My goal, is that by your 7th day, this business, our team, and what we do will become REAL to you.

Too many times, too many people get sucked into hype and sold on empty promises and hype like, “The system does all of the work for you.”

Well guess what… That kind of talk and position goes nothing but attract lazy losers who don’t want to do anything, unappreciative customers, and the attention of the good-ol’ boys at the FTC.

Sounds like a winning strategy doesn’t it?

Well before I get sucked further into that topic, let’s step back and take a quick look at your options…

95% of all home businesses are usually found in the network marketing or direct sales industry.

While they have many similarities, the primary difference is the compensation model. We prefer the direct sales model because it’s MUCH easier to replace a full-time or six-figure income when compared to anything else out there.

•Secret #1: Choose DIRECT SALES over “M L M” if you want to generate a large income quickly.

•Secret #2: Understand how you will really make your money and build your mini-empire.

You see, a business opportunity is really nothing – not an opportunity at all. In fact, it’s just an agreement on a piece of paper.

The vast majority of people who end up starting a home business do so because they get all hyped-up about some “super” new product that they think will over-take the market and make them millions in the process.

Well that’s not how it works.

The only way you’re ever going to make REAL money… I’m talking $500,000, to multiples of that, is to do one single thing…

And if you’ll sit back and really absorb the meaning of what I’m about to share with you, money will never be an issue for you again.

So here’s the most valuable piece of advice you’ll ever get… “Increase your personal value to the world.”

Yes that’s it:
“Increase your personal value to the world.”

Did you ever consider that the amount of money you make is a direct measure of your worth to society?

Well it’s true, and if you want to increase your income, you’ve got to increase your value to others. Once you do that, money starts coming at you like wouldn’t believe. Business becomes a piece of cake.

It all comes down to “social dynamics.”

You see, people like to work with, learn from, and buy from proven leaders who can offer them real value.

It’s an instinct that a part of our very genetics because associating ourselves with people of means and power, increases our chances for survival and prosperity.

In essence, when you increase your value to others, you never have to “sell” anything. People approach you. You become a prosperity magnet, and achieving the kind of financial prosperity you want becomes so easy, it’s a “non-issue”.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any real value to offer someone, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

So the most important thing you could ever do, no matter what your occupation, is to increase your value to others by increasing your knowledge, experience, and skill sets.

That’s why so many entrepreneurs choose to work with our team. As some of the top income earners in the industry, we obviously have a lot of value to offer sharp, ambitious people like yourself.

I know this might be kinda boring “self-development” stuff, but it truly is the foundation of your success.

I promise… In the next few days, we’ll get into the more interesting marketing stuff 😉

Now before I let you go, here is one of the websites I mentioned earlier that we use for marketing and education.

It’s pretty hard-core stuff. People either love it or hate it, but there’s no denying the logic behind the argument: .

…Let me know which camp you’re in.

What’s coming up in your next issue?

Find out why less than 1 in 1,000 people will ever make 6-figures in this industry, and what you can do to ensure you’re in the winning category.

Your friends on the “inside”…

Jeff and Laura
CarbonCopyPRO Master Consultants



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Why Less Than 1 Out Of 1,000 People In This Industry Will Ever Make 6-Figures – Boot Camp (Day 2)

Posted by buybackyourlife on January 9, 2009

The Facts:

•Less than 1 out of 1000 people in this industry will ever make 6-figures.

•90% of all business will fail within their first 5 years (Entrepreneur Magazine)

•Over 30,000,000 (yes million) Americans have either attempted Network Marketing or are currently involved in the industry.

•Yet 90% make less than $10 a week.

•Yet 70,000,000 (yes million) Americans plan to start their OWN businesses in the next 3 years (Forbes Magazine)

Yet both Trump and Kiyosaki both say that if they had to do it all over again, they would build their fortunes in THIS industry. (Oh! I almost forgot, Warren Buffet also bought several Network Marketing companies last year.)

WHY! WHY!? Why does everyone think this is an industry of easy-riches when the reality is that most are failing dismally?

It’s simple: Over 90% of the money in this industry is made by the company owners, and they know this!

They also know something about leverage…

Most of the entrepreneurs are lured to this industry by dreams of riches and easy money. A better lifestyle, less work, more free time, nice cars, and lifestyle.

Yet the vast majority will fail.

Unless you are joining a group or team that is really going to show you the common denominators of their success, you are dead in the water.

The typical work-at-home newbie thinks that success is all about a hot sizzle product and timing. Well that’s simply not the case and I’ll prove it to you right now.

Go buy $10,000 of any product in the world that you’d like.

Have it delivered to your home.

Are you rich yet?

No of course not.

Products don’t make money, marketing does.

If you don’t join a leadership team that really knows how to market both online and offline, you’re in trouble.

You see, this is an industry of marketing and promotion pursued by people who have no idea how to market or promote.

If you want to be successful, you’ve got to align yourself with a group of marketers.

This is the reason our team has so many consultants achieving the “impossible” is because they are able to leverage our hundreds of collective years of experience in marketing legitimate products. This eliminate 90% of the learning curves and struggles that typically cause most people to fail and give up on their initial dreams.

All of a sudden, instead of this being a money-game, you’re selling something you can stand behind and be incredibly proud of using a marketing system that actually works.

As we continue your boot camp, I’m going to walk you through our actual marketing process, revealing the websites we use, the ads we place, and the postcards we mail that have a contact stream of people contacting us.

Coming Next on Day 3: How To Avoid The ‘Stupid Tax’ Of Online Advertising”. You won’t want to miss this one…

Your friends on the “inside”…

Jeff and Laura
CarbonCopyPRO Master Consultants



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How To Avoid The ‘Stupid Tax’ Of Online Advertising – Boot Camp (Day 3)

Posted by buybackyourlife on January 8, 2009

I’ve had a few people ask me about our team’s winning marketing techniques and their common concern was a lack of “know-how” when it comes to online advertising…

And let me assure you, their concerns are legitimate, so I want to spend today addressing them for your benefit as well.

You see, the internet charges a “stupid tax” when it comes to online marketing.

That basically means that if you just jump in with both feet without really knowing what you’re doing, the net is going to “tax” your wallet big time.

•Your PPC campaigns will be disabled by Google or Yahoo.

•Your ezine ads will get a whopping “0%” response rate.

•And in the end, you’ll end up paying $30 per lead instead of $3 to $5.

It’s a frustrating experience, and it can put a well-intentioned, yet uneducated business owner on the sidelines pretty quick.

But there is an simple solution…

The key to mastering online advertising is (like all things), is a little dose of “inside” knowledge.

So does that mean you have to go out and buy 10 different books and courses on online advertising once you get your business started?

Well in most cases, the answer would probably be yes, but not here.

Let me be blunt… Unless you have a marketing system to plug into, you are dead in the water.

This is when selecting the right team of people to partner with becomes critical. (And this is my big piece of advice for the day…)

Essentially, you want to join someone who builds their business like you would want to build your business, because that’s what you’ll be taught.

If you want to use online advertising and avoid the internet marketing “stupid tax”, then you don’t want to partner with someone who likes to do home meetings.

Our team specializes in what I call the “work smart” approach. While less experienced home business owners are making lists of their friends and family members to pitch, handing out business cards, posting fliers, and buying low-quality leads,

…We Use Marketing To Attract The Right People To Us.

And that ability can only be wielded once you’ve experienced the right kind of training.

For example…

Let’s say that you submit an application today to start the CarbonCopy PRO business.

While you’re a sharp, successful leader – you might not have the whole internet marketing thing down yet.

…Which basically means that you’re now faced with the daunting challenge of teaching yourself the in’s and out’s of internet marketing and lead generation which will cost you about $10,000 in books and at least six months of your life.

That’s not really practical for you or us because we want you producing quickly.

And what are you supposed to do when you have a new business partner join your sales team?

Do you have the knowledge and skills necessary to help them hit the ground running? Can you teach them online marketing?

Probably not.

The solution?

We cut your learning curve down to days or weeks with simple, step-by-step instructions that will have you generating your own leads faster than you can imagine.

Want 5, 10, 15, 20 people contacting you every-single-day about your CarbonCopy PRO business?

Piece of cake.

You see, we’ve put together the most comprehensive training site you’ll ever see when it comes to generating leads, and building a home business which will show you (exactly) how to make that happen.

Adwords Pay Per Click
Post Cards
Domain Name Registration
Free advertising sources

It’s all there…

Have questions?

Well that’s what I’m for, but in addition to my help, you’ll have access to our team forum where members from all over the world congregate to help brand new people just like you, to hit the ground running.

Don’t know what to say when you talk to a prospect? No problem. We’ve got live recorded prospecting calls that you can listen to over and over again…

But for the most part, you wont have to worry about that because our “mastermind group” will call and close the sales for you.

In fact, I wouldn’t doubt if some people have joined our CarbonCopy team just to access this training, as it would easily reach over $20,000 in real world value.

And that’s the type of team and environment you’re going to have to find if you want to avoid the internet marketing “stupid tax”.

The alternative is to make that list of your 100 closest friends and family members.
If that’s something that you’d settle for, I’d suggest that you keep your day job.

It’s a harsh reality but you wouldn’t make it as a doctor without going to medical school, and you won’t make it as an entrepreneur without learning how to generate your own leads.

If you’ve been surfing around the net recently looking for a home business, you’ve no doubt come across opportunities that promise you the world…

They claim they’ll do it all for you… yet they fail to back it up with “real” training.

Aside From That, Here’s The Real Problem With Those Kinds Of “Programs”…

There’s no ownership involved.

You don’t own anything and you have no real value to offer the world.

You don’t own the marketing skill set needed to generate the leads which means you’re dependent upon them.

You don’t own the personal confidence or leadership skills required to attract new business partners and customers to you.

And finally, you don’t own the list of prospects and you won’t have a personal relationship with them, which means you don’t have a business at all.

Your business and your income are 100% dependent upon other people and services.

Do you really think you’re going to upgrade your life and lifestyle? Do you think it’s going to last for more than a few months?

…Only a fool would think so.

Coming up on Day 4 – “The 3 Secrets to Attraction Marketing Success”

Your friends on the “inside”…

Jeff and Laura
CarbonCopyPRO Master Consultants



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How To Use The Power Of Real Turn-Key Marketing – Boot Camp (Day 4)

Posted by buybackyourlife on January 7, 2009

Amateurs are easy to spot…

They’re the ones wearing buttons to the grocery store, pitching their work buddies on some new product or get-rich-quick scheme, and inviting people over to their homes for a “meeting”.

Amateurs sell.

On the other hand, professionals, work smarter and they leverage their efforts through marketing.

Professionals market.

You see, “marketing” is king. If you don’t believe me, let me prove it to you…

Let’s say that you have the chance to market what you think is the best new product in the world, so you have the company ship $20,000 of it to your front door.

Well guess what…

It’s just going to sit there. You ever hear those crazy stories about Amway guys who had garages full of bursting at the seams with boxes of products? Well that happens because products don’t sell themselves. Marketing does.

The entire marketing process can be summed up in three simple steps…


Did You Know?

Our “Wealth Acceleration Program” (Part of our entry level product) saves the average home owner who completes the program saves $200,000 in interest with the average participant 100% debt-free (including their mortgage) in 8-12 years?


Step #1: Build a prospect list. This is a list of the people who respond to your advertisements, signaling to you that they have in interest in what you offer.

(By the way, NEVER waste your time trying to “convince” people that they need what you have).

Step #2: Build a relationship with your list. People buy from those they like, respect, and trust, and it’s no different here. The best way to do that is to offer true, honest value.

Step #3: Market to your list. This is when you market products and services that will help the people on your list get what they want. Remember, this isn’t about you making money. It’s about you serving others.

So those are the three primary steps to building a successful and profitable home business.

Now here’s the nice part… You can completely automate this process!

The biggest mistake newbies make is that they fail to leverage the power of marketing and advertising. Can you believe that some spend hours a day putting signs on street corners and dropping business cards in parking lots?

On the other hand, successful business owners in this industry (like us), utilize online and offline advertising methods like pay-per-click, ezine advertising, and postcards.

24 hours per day, 7 days a week, my little army of ads is out there doing all of the prospecting work for me. I don’t bug my friends and family members. I don’t hand out business cards, and I don’t waste my time calling low quality leads from lead vendors.

These tools ensure that my team and I always have a long line of people literally contacting us on a daily basis about the CarbonCopy business.

In fact, we dont even talk to our prospects until they submit an application.

Now setting up these marketing pieces can involve a pretty big learning curve, but fortunately you won’t have to go through that because some of the best marketers in the world are in CarbonCopy PRO, and we’ve done all of the leg-work for you.

In fact, you’ll be able to start using the exact same marketing tools I do the very same day that you turn the key and rev the engine on your new CarbonCopy PRO business!

Now when it comes to advertising, it’s very important that you match your message to the person. You’ll find that just about every other company out there only offers one or two “one-piece-fits-all” marketing tools that are designed for a general audience.

That’s amateur hour.

At CarbonCopy PRO, we have different marketing tools which are suited to different types of people so the effectiveness of your marketing efforts are MAXIMIZED.

For example, some webpages out there are designed to target one specific group of people: Current home business owners who are over-worked and under-paid, pitching vitamins for an MLM program.

Ironically, the vast majority of people in the home business industry fall into this category which means that advertising your site online is extremely effective. You’ll be able to generate 5-20, incredibly strong leads per day following the simple instructions we provide on our team’s training website and message board.

What if you have trouble?…

That’s what I’m here for… plus, you’ll have access to our CarbonCopy PRO training forum, where you can post your questions 24/7 and our top producers will eagerly answer your questions.

Now what’s better than that?

You see, we’re not really selling CarbonCopy PRO, we’re selling a solution to people’s problems.

Let me explain…

“People don’t buy a drill because they want a drill. They buy a drill because they want a hole.”

Well a home business is no different. People don’t WANT a home business, they want the BENEFITS that come with a home business like time freedom and a larger income.

None of our marketing pages or ads actually talk about the CarbonCopy products.

That’s intentional because people don’t care about the company. They care about the benefits that CarbonCopy PRO can provide them.

There’s a big difference between the two.

Anytime you see someone advertising an actual company or product, you’re looking at someone who has no idea how to market, and you can bet they’re losing tons of money on thanks to their poor marketing tactics.

So there are my words of wisdom for you today. Until tomorrow…

Your friends on the “inside”…

Jeff and Laura
CarbonCopyPRO Master Consultants



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Offline to Online Advertising: How To Unlock The Secrets Behind Direct Mail Marketing – Boot Camp (Day 5)

Posted by buybackyourlife on January 6, 2009

Offline advertising is a rare beast these days.

On average, it will cost you $10- $25 to generate a lead offline using classified, magazine display ads, or postcards.

When you consider that the average person in the MLM or network marketing arena makes just $30 to $100 per new customer or distributor sign-up, a problem arises.

The simple truth of the matter, is that for 90% of homes business owners, the numbers don’t add up.

For example, let’s say that the average lead cost comes to $15 and that they make $100 for each new customer.

If they have a 10% conversion rate (which is great!), they’re still spending $150 to make $100.

Losing $50 per customer on the front end is usually not an option for the average home business start-up. It might make sense for a more established company that can take the life-time value of a customer into account, but the average mom and pop isn’t in that kind of position.

But none-the-less, offline advertising offers amazing advantages if you can make it work.

For example…

When a new partner gets started with me here in CarbonCopy PRO, I want to help them get their marketing campaigns up and running ASAP!

Unless you already know how to advertise online, it’s going to take you 1-3 weeks while you go through that learning curve.

That’s a problem because I want you making money within days, not weeks.

And what if you’re an old corporate work-horse who isn’t “computer savvy?”

What are you supposed to do then? Buy leads from lead vendors? Well if you’re in another company, then yes. (Sorry!)

But not here in CarbonCopy PRO because we have a proven, turn-key postcard campaign that you can tap into the very day you start your business.

Did You Know?

It costs on average $300 in advertising per new consultant here at CarbonCopy PRO. Do the math, as a consultant your profit is a minimum $1,000. That’s over a 300% ROI! And that doesn’t even take into account the life-time value of a customer which is much, MUCH higher…

Back end sales can be as much as $14,000 per customer! …And you only spent an average $300 to acquire them!


This exclusive campaign is extremely powerful because it allows anyone, despite their current skill or comfort level, to start marketing and generating leads for their CarbonCopy business within their first 48 hours.

In fact, there’s a good chance you found me and this boot camp as a result of the postcards I’ve been sending out.

If you haven’t seen the card yet, here’s a sneak peak:

FRONT of Postcard:

BACK of Postcard:

Everything is turn-key. All you need to do is decide on a website address (which I’ll help you do), and how many cards you want to send out per week. (I recommend at least 1,000-2,000).

Our fulfillment center mails your cards for you to the targeted lists we’ve already identified and selected for you.

That’s it.

You don’t need to be an internet expert.

You don’t have to cold call strangers.

You don’t have to pitch your friends and family members.

With our proven postcard campaign, interested prospects contact you.

Now the use of a campaign like this one is only possible because of the significant compensation found at CarbonCopy PRO.

(You’ll see a video on the compensation plan when you submit your application)

The metrics are completely different than a network marketing opportunity. Instead of $30 to $100 per new customer, you’re making $1,000 on every “entry” sale and $5,000 to $8,000 on every “back-end” sale.

I’ll get into the compensation later, but I’m sure you can see how postcard advertising makes sense for us, unlike anyone else.

The postcard sends your prospects to a replicated capture page that you get as well. Both pieces were designed together to ensure what ‘s called “congruence”, which simply means there is an obvious visual relation shared between them, and that one is a continuation of the other, which is critical to creating a marketing campaign that actually works as well as this one does.

There’s a lot of psychology happening under the surface of these two pieces, and they were designed with great care for several reasons…

Our #1 priority was to ensure that we only attract the right caliber of person.

There are no big bright, screaming headlines. There are no “big m0ney” promises made. And we skipped the fake pictures of gorgeous models. The photos are real. They’re actual CarbonCopy PRO members.

Did You Know?

On average 40% of our “entry level” customers ALSO purchase an additional product within their first 10 days. At $4,000 profit each…. that’s an additional 16,000 per month if you are making 10 “back-end” sales per month.

…The best part is… these “back-end” products are marketed for you! No sales involved!

Bottom LINE: Add the $10,000 from “entry” sales to the $16,000 from 2nd product sales, and another $16,000 from our final and 3rd product sales, and you are at $42,000 a MONTH while only spending 3,000 a month on advertising! Disclaimer: This is obviously a hypothetical (albeit it very realistic) projection.


You see, in advertising you get what you ask for, which is exactly why this campaign, this company, and our team attracts such a high caliber of person.

We’re not looking for the “opportunistic” type who’s just looking for a quick buck, or someone who’s looking for a job. We want to attract genuine leaders… People who understand that a business like ours is a true business with significant income potential. Not a money game.

Everything about CarbonCopy PRO is genuine. The postcard, our pictures, and each of our websites were hand made by the leaders in this company. They’re not manufactured pieces that some web company was paid to create and that’s important because it set’s us even farther apart from the “competition”.

As you can see, there’s no learning curve required. We have everything in place that you could ever need in order to start generating an endless stream of prospects who will be contacting you on a daily basis about your CarbonCopy business and opportunity.

And remember… If you don’t know online marketing yet, that’s ok! You can instantly tap into our proven postcard campaign and into profit while we teach you the ins and outs of successful online marketing strategies.

Tomorrow’s topic? We will cover “How To Turn Leads Into Customers”

Your friends on the “inside”…

Jeff and Laura
CarbonCopyPRO Master Consultants



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How To Turn Leads Into Paying Customers – Boot Camp (Day 6)

Posted by buybackyourlife on January 5, 2009

Ahhh… This is one of my favorite topics.

Ironically, it’s the most important because it’s when products are purchased, value is exchanged, and that’s when the money is made.

Yet, the average home business owner fails to capitalize on 90% of their businesses profit potential, because they have no idea how to handle this stage correctly.

Want to know what to say to your leads?

Wish you knew how to follow up with them correctly for maximum profits and results?

Then read today’s issue closely.

I’m sure you remember the 3-step formula I gave you in Day #1…

1: Build a list.

2: Build a relationship with that list.

3: Market to that list.

Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Well we’re at stages 2 and 3 today, and they are intimately linked. You cannot consistently make sales in stage 3, if you failed to build a relationship in stage 2.

You’ll find that 3% to 10% of your prospects just get it. The time is right for them. They’ve pro-actively gone through all of the information about CarbonCopy PRO they could get their hands on, and they’re ready to become a part of the family as a customer or business owner immediately.

As for the rest, it’s a matter of timing. And this is where the average distributor drops the ball.

They usually end up treating prospects as a perishable commodity with a very short shelf-life. They get a quick “yes or no” answer and then move onto the next.

Well you’ve always heard that fortune is in the follow up, and that phrase couldn’t be more right.

The follow up is where you find your leverage.

Let me give you an illustration of what I mean…

Let’s say that you generate 10 leads per day, or 300 per month.

Of those 300, 5-10% submit and application, paying you a $30 commission on each. (This earns you several hundred dollars to pay for your marketing/advertising costs.

Out of your applicants… about 20% will join at the “entry level”.

This will earn you 3-6 customers and $3,000-$6,000 in immediate commissions your first month. Not bad.

Well as our system continues to build a relationship with our leads, the timing will become right for another 10% in month two.

So all in all, about 3% of every 100 leads WILL JOIN.

We already have 300 leads in our pipeline from month 1, and now we’re going to add another 300 for month two, bringing our prospect list total to 600.

Once again, 20% of our new applicants will get started right away, giving us 6 new customers again in month two. But now an additional 10% from our previous month will decide to buy the product due to our follow-up efforts, which gives us an additional 9 customers for a total of 15, and commissions of $15,000.

You get my point…

But the real money is always made on the back-end in ANY business, and once again, that’s no different here in CarbonCopy PRO.

You see, about 40% of all “entry-level” customers will eventually become “2nd product” customers because they love the product and see the incredible value of the information revealed in the “2nd product”.

You make up to a $5,000 commission on each “2nd Product” sale, so if 40% of your 15 customers become “2nd product” customers, you stand to make an additional $30,000 in profits from the customers you’ve already acquired.

When you add our “3rd product” into this equation, you stand to earn an additional $25,000 in back-end profits…

Earning you a total of $70,000 in your first 90 days!

And this process continues month after month as your prospect pipeline grows from 300 to 600 to 900 to 1,200 to 1,500, etc.

Alright, so on to Part II of today’s lesson…

What do you do with your prospects as you generate them?

Well our philosophy is pretty simple.

We’re not here to personally sell people on CarbonCopy PRO. Our marketing tools do the selling and telling for us. If someone doesn’t see the incredible value in CarbonCopy’s marketing system or business opportunity, there’s nothing I can say or do to change their mind, nor would I want to waste my time doing so.

I’m not here to twist arms. I’m here to act as a consultant and to provide information so that my prospects can sell themselves. And you will do the same.


Did You Know?

80% of all profits come from back-end sales – marketing to your existing clientele?


As you begin your business, your only real job is to generate leads into your CarbonCopy PRO system that you will be provided with.

Out of your leads about 5-10% will become “applicants”.

These applicants are called on your behalf by one of our CarbonCopy “mastermind group” members.

If my prospects want to talk to me after this point, they just contact my office… or I call to greet them AFTER they have already joined my team!

Sound like something you could do? 😉

Well that’s it for today… if you have any questions, you know how to reach me…

Your friends on the “inside”…

Jeff and Laura
CarbonCopyPRO Master Consultants



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How To Make A $100,000 Per Month Residual Income In Less Than 12 Months – Boot Camp (Day 7)

Posted by buybackyourlife on January 4, 2009

Here is how our “Top CCPRO Team” has made It duplicable through our Carbon Copy Marketing System:

•MISSION: You’ve got to have a mission that puts the success of others first. Our goal is to help 100 people become millionaires within the next 3 years, and we’re on track to reach our goal.

•INDUSTRY: Direct Sales via Network Marketing. No other business model offers so much potential with so few barriers to entry (like start-up costs).

•COMPENSATION PLAN: Direct Sales, but only if it has a residual income based compensation plan.

Stay away from the ‘2-up’ compensation plan found in most direct sales companies. This compensation plan is not fair and does not harbor team spirit because your over-rides on partners is limited to their first two customers.

•PRODUCTS: The long term profitability and viability of any company will be determined by the actual value of the products being sold.

40% of the products promoted by Carbon Copy Pro are sold to product customers only, i.e. people not looking for a business opportunity.

If the product(s) being marketed won’t stand on their own, in other words if no one would buy them without the money-making incentive, then they’re not the right products.

•MENTOR: Find a mentor. Someone you can trust. Someone who has a system. Someone who already has the results you’re looking for. This has to be someone who is willing to listen to your needs and actually cares about your success. He/she must also have a financial interest in your success.

•MARKETING: Use an Attraction Marketing system like ours that does the sorting, selling, training, and follow-up for you. This system must not only attract (right keywords, ads etc) the right type of person (entrepreneur vs get-rich-quick loser), but be able to present the information in such a way that is clear, concise, to the point and not full of hype fluff or crazy promises.

Then figure out how to get 100-200 QUALITY targeted prospects into your marketing pipeline EACH week. (Remember, there are close to a million people looking for businesses every week and 79 million Americans plan to start their own business in the next 3-5 years!)

•TRAINING: Make sure you have access to one-on-one, and group training designed to dramatically shorten your learning curve and reduce the number of variables that come with “trial and error”. Our system is designed to “share” the knowledge and experience with EVERY member through our daily training calls and forum. My consultants get to hear me and other top producers working their businesses LIVE, 4 days a week, as if they were sitting in the office with me.

•SUPPORT: Unparalleled support is mandatory. All of my consultants get a Team support list of 40 contacts in case they cannot reach me and EVERYONE in Carbon Copy PRO is highly motivated to help you reach the level of financial prosperity that you want because we’re compensated extremely well in order to ensure that you do!

*This concludes your 7-day bootcamp, to Submit Your Application Now Below-

It’s definitely been our pleasure…

Jeff and Laura Learner

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